Let’s Talk Vlogging Gear

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We’ve just spent 5 months travelling. Our bags were filled with more camera gear than clothes because priorities, am I right? In saying that, it was a learning experience and there are things that we would now do differently. We’ve had a few questions about gear so it seemed like a perfect time to reflect upon our equipment.


The trip started with a:

  • Canon 6d (Will’s camera)
  • Canon 700d (Julia’s camera)
  • Sony tripod (light weight)
  • Gopro hero
  • Small gorilla pod for the gopro hero 5
  • Rode microphone
  • DJI Mavic Pro drone



Sadly the tripod didn’t make the trip. He cracked under the pressure and was laid to rest after our trip to Iceland.


The above-mentioned gear allowed for great directional sound abilities (rode microphone), all terrain filming (gopro), easy time lapses (gopro again), stunning aerial footage (drone) and nice crisp pictures (canon). Other than the rode microphone and drone, it was camera gear we already had.


Overall we’ve been happy with the video and sound quality of the vlogs. The gopro sound quality is variable when there is background noise, however it’s positives more than make up for this shortcoming (i.e. still in the ‘recommend’ column). Unfortunately both canons shoot at a low frame rate (25fps) so sometimes panning shots aren’t particularly smooth and you can’t do slow motion footage (you need at least 50fps for this). Pro tip, make sure you get a lens with image stabilization as it makes a big difference.


I’m pleased to say that the Mavic Pro drone was better than imagined. Its video quality is slightly less than the phantom 4 but you can’t go past the small size and convenience of the Mavic.



The main equipment issue for us was ease of use. Due to the size and weight of the gear, we sometimes felt uninspired to film. Let’s just say taking video selfies with a massive full frame camera and huge pointy microphone is not particularly subtle. At times it was a little too obvious for us. As such we resorted to using the gopro when we felt least inspired. It’s small so goes more unnoticed.


If we had all the money in the world, I would love to get a Sony RX 100 Mark 5. I’ve heard great things about this camera and it’s apparently very popular for video. It shoots at a higher frame rate so you can do slow motion and the footage will seem ‘smoother’. It has a flip screen so you can see that you’re actually in the picture. BEST thing is it’s small, portable and less conspicuous. For now it’s hard to justify a new camera when we already have so much equipment, but for you it might be worth it. Regardless I think it’s important to say we weren’t 100% happy with the gear we took for the reasons discussed above.


I hope this article helps you in your vlogging endeavours! Please remember though that you don’t need fancy gear to create amazing content. Some fantastic photos and videos have been taken with a smart phone plus a little creativity.