The Best Gelato in Italy

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We recently spent two and half weeks in Italy, travelling all the way from the Amalfi Coast to Venice. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we had gelato daily. As self-confessed ice cream lovers, it was a necessity.


Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the best gelato we had was our very first. It was a gelateria recommended by The Beehive, our hostel in Rome. They described the gelato as ‘truly amazing’. How can you go past this?


Come il Latte (, via Silvio Spaventa, 24) is a quaint gelateria near the main train station, Termini, in Rome. They claim to use only the best, natural ingredients and aspire to serve the freshest products.


The whole experience went something like this:

Ice cream lady – Would you like a home made waffle cone?

Julia – Um, yes.

Ice cream lady – Would you like melted chocolate drizzled inside your cone?

Julia – Ooh yes please.

Ice cream lady – Would you like one scoop or two?

Julia – Two please.

Ice cream lady – Would you like melted chocolate on top of your ice cream?

Julia – Oh gosh. Yes? *getting overwhelmed*

Ice cream lady – Would you like fresh home made whipped cream on top?

Julia – *moderately overwhelmed* Ah ok?

Ice cream lady – Would you like a waffle biscuit on top?

Julia – * very overwhelmed* If you think so?


It ended with us feeling impressed but extremely full. The type of full where you have to have a nap afterwards (although that also could have been jet lag).


In summary, it was without a doubt the best gelato that we had in Italy. We didn’t realise it at the time but we wouldn’t find gelato as good as this again. Come il Latte in Rome *nostalgic sigh*. If you’re headed there be sure to eat gelato for us and send through photos!


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