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Will and Julia all rugged up in winterWill and Julia


Clearly if you’re on the ‘About us’ page you must think we’re very interesting people and want to know more!

Our story begins in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Scenic Skyway and 3 sistas

In 2013 Will was working as an outdoor guide and cable car driver at Scenic World (google it 😉 ). Julia had been living in Victoria most of her life but was spending the year working in Sydney. One day, whilst her Mum was visiting from Victoria, they decided to explore the Blue Mountains.

It was raining and foggy that day in the mountains. We met for just 3 minutes on the cable car that Will was driving.  At the time, Will had long hair, no beard and was going by his middle name ‘Happy’.

There were some forces working both for and against us (mainly Julia’s epic wing woman of a mum). But we finally got together and started seeing each other.

Things were going great but then Julia was offered her dream job back down in Victoria. So, a short time later she moved back down to Melbourne.

We did long distance for a good while until Will decided to leave it all behind and come live with Julia down in Melbourne. Yay! That was when he started going by the name Will. We stayed there together for the next few years.

Our passion of photography, travel and great stories has always lead to many adventures. Our willingness to try anything, occasional lack of organizational skills and Julia’s terrible sense of direction will always create the misadventures.

Over the next few years we went on a number of trips including a surf holiday to Fiji, a road trip to Uluru (Ayers rock) in Central Australia and 3 week blitz of China!

Will and Julia with surfboards in FijiWill and Julia at Boarder of Northern TerritoryWill and Julia at Great wall of China

In early- 2016 the concept of Finding Happy was born! We had just started planning the biggest trip of our lives. It’s a great big world of weird things and wondrous places. With such a big adventure ahead, we didn’t want to forget a single moment.

Now, here we are. Ready to share stories of adventure and misadventure with you. There will be laughs, tears (especially if tired), getting lost, selling kidneys to afford train tickets (hopefully not), a bit of ‘quirk’ and a whole lot of fun… but all of it’s worth it when you’re Finding Happy.

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